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More so than just being a photographer, I consider myself an artist with multiple mediums.  I began my visual artistic studies at Columbia College in Television and film.  The fundamentals I learned within those programs crossed over into photography and I began another journey, learning to tell a story with a still frame.   While doing that I began to shoot just about anything and learning as I went.  As time passed Bella Vanni began to grow out of what I love to represent in my photography and appreciated in life.  Elegance, beauty, fashion, sensuality and sincerity which I couldn’t stand to be without in my appreciation of art in life.

The biggest part of myself being an artist is simply me finding my way and developing myself.  I am growing, I am learning and I hope to present Bella Vanni as something that will touch all who come across it’s path.

With all sincerity I present to you Bella Vanni.

Bella Vanni

“Without A Dream-I Dare Not Wake”